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UNC Health Surgical Specialists at Southeastern Health Mall

UNC Health Surgical Specialists at Southeastern Health Mall offers a wide variety of general surgical procedures. Many of these surgeries can be performed onsite, and we partner with UNC Health Southeastern and the Surgery Center at Southeastern Health Park for surgeries that require those facilities. 

We can talk to you about whether surgery is right for you, help you prepare for your procedure and provide follow-up care. 


  • Abscess incision and drainage 

  • Wound care 

  • Debridement (removing foreign objects or damaged tissue from a wound) 

  • Laparoscopic surgery (minimally invasive surgery using small tubes inserted in the abdomen) 

  • Gallbladder surgery 

  • Hernia repair  

  • Cancer surgery  

  • Breast surgery  

  • Power port procedures (devices giving providers access to veins) 

  • Colectomy (to treat colon diseases) 

  • Gastrointestinal surgery  

  • Hemorrhoid surgery  

  • Colonoscopy  

  • Endoscopy (using an endoscope to look at organs) 

  • Skin lesion treatment  

  • Bariatric surgery 

  • Bariatric weight loss programs (seminars and support groups) 

  • Vascular services (procedures that use the veins to access diseased areas; includes dialysis access and laser/foam vericose vein treatments) 

  • Thyroidectomy 

  • Hiatal hernia (hernia involving the upper stomach and chest cavity) 

  • Anti-reflux procedures   

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To make an appointment, please call (910) 671-6177. Accepting new patients.

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To ensure you can get the care you need, UNC Physician Network practices participate in a wide range of health plans and accepts most major insurance providers; however, it is important that you contact your insurance provider before receiving treatment to verify that you have full coverage. You should also determine your individual plan requirements regarding referrals, authorizations and co-pay/deductible amounts. View a list of our health plans accepted.


You can request prescription refills or submit questions to your physician regarding your medication by using our online patient portal. If you do not have a My UNC Chart account and you need a refill, contact your pharmacist before your supply runs out. This allows ample time for the pharmacist to obtain approval from the physician to prepare your medication. Refills are not handled after hours or on weekends. If you have any questions about your medication, or if you're experiencing difficulty taking your medications, bring it to the attention of your pharmacist and our clinic.