Skin Procedures

Enjoy healthier, more beautiful skin at any age with the expert care of Eskra Plastic Surgery in Kinston and Goldsboro. Board-certified plastic surgeon Benjamin Eskra, MD, will meet with you to determine the best nonsurgical or surgical approach for your needs.

During any procedure, count on him to use techniques designed with your safety and comfort in mind. Whenever possible, he’ll perform your cosmetic or reconstructive procedure in a way that reduces the chance of scarring or side effects.

Burn Care

If you come to the emergency department with a burn, Dr. Eskra and your doctor will work to find the best surgical burn treatment for you. Their approach depends on the severity and size of your injury.

Reconstructive surgery usually happens after the burn heals. Rest assured, Dr. Eskra will preserve the look and abilities of your injured area as much as possible.

Earlobe Repair

Get healthy, natural-looking earlobes after:

  • Earlobe laceration (deep cut)
  • Gauging or stretching
  • Heavy piercings
  • Split or torn earlobe

Dr. Eskra will numb your ear, remove scar tissue, and then stitch the earlobe. You can return to normal activities almost immediately, and your care team will remove stitches the following week.


Get fast, natural-looking results from nonsurgical injectables, popular cosmetic treatments that can make you look younger. These safe and reliable therapies can give you smoother, fuller skin and lips.

Laceration Repair

Laceration repair treats deep cuts or tears using advanced techniques to reduce scarring. You’ll be in the good hands of Dr. Eskra, who has years of experience and specialized training in treating faces. With treatment, you may feel better about your appearance and move your face muscles more normally.

Laser Hair Removal

Quickly and easily remove hair on almost any area of your body with laser hair removal. Take part in up to six treatment sessions, and you’ll enjoy long-lasting results.

Lesion Removal

Ask Dr. Eskra to check your skin lesions (moles, sores, or discolored areas) to make sure they’re not a sign of cancer or another serious condition. If needed, he can remove the lesion to improve your skin’s appearance or health. Often, this is a simple, brief procedure. But for large lesions, you may benefit from skin grafting.

Scar Revision

Scar revision can improve the look of some scars that:

  • Are keloids (hard lumps of scar tissue)
  • Form after a poorly healed wound
  • Result from traumatic injury

Ask about this procedure two to three months after your wound heals. If you lost a lot of skin during the injury or surgery that caused your scar, Dr. Eskra may recommend skin grafting.

Recovery from scar revision typically lasts a few days. Expect to have stitches and care for a dressing. You can usually return to work or school shortly after treatment.

Skin Cancer Surgery

Turn to Dr. Eskra for surgical removal of skin cancer with as little scarring as possible. He’ll work with the doctor who diagnosed your cancer to determine the best care plan.

Depending on the size of your cancer, you may receive treatment in Dr. Eskra’s office or a hospital operating room. He can also perform skin grafting if needed after removing a large, cancerous area.

Wound Healing

If your wound is healing slower than it should, talk to Dr. Eskra about options such as:

  • Creams and other topical treatments to keep the wounded area moist
  • Negative pressure wound therapy (gentle vacuum-assisted wound closure)
  • Skin flap or graft surgery to transplant healthy tissue to the wound

You, Dr. Eskra and your primary care provider will work together to determine the best care plan to speed up healing and make you feel more comfortable.

After Treatment

Dr. Eskra will make as many follow-up appointments with you as needed to check on your health and progress after treatment. Follow our instructions for staying well in the days and weeks after your care, so you can reach the best possible long-term outcome.

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