Breast Procedures

If the size or shape of your chest affects your self-image or health, choose Eskra Plastic Surgery for your care. Take advantage of our plastic and reconstructive surgical experts right here in Kinston and Goldsboro. You can stay close to home while benefiting from a board-certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience in breast surgery.

Breast Surgeries We Offer

Access expertise and support for a number of procedures close to home. Find a variety of surgeries at Eskra Plastic Surgery, including:

  • Breast augmentation – Uses breast implants to achieve a fuller figure
  • Breast lift – Restores the shape and position of your breasts
  • Breast reconstruction – Recreates your figure after a mastectomy
  • Breast reduction – Decreases the size of your breasts or chest tissue
  • Inverted nipple repair – Reshapes the nipple while preserving its sensitivity and milk ducts
  • Mommy makeover – Restores your figure after pregnancy

Personalized Care Plan

When you choose Eskra Plastic Surgery, you’re getting a team that will tailor your surgery to your needs and goals. No matter your surgery, you’ll meet one-on-one with Benjamin Eskra, MD, to make sure your breast procedure offers results as close to your vision as possible. We’ll help make sure you understand your thorough preparation and recovery process.

Patient Testimonials

“I thank God every day that you came into my life when you did. You are the best.”
A.G. / Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Explore our patient results and stories to get an idea of what you can expect after your procedure with Eskra Plastic Surgery.

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